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About Us

Dear Student

My hearty welcome to you to at GBTI (Gautam Buddha Technical Institute) a peaceful and resplendent place of learning. We promise for taking special pride in preparing you well for your journey in life through consecrated faculty and excellent curricula with a deep commitment to make you learn what is needed for your success in the life. The premises of the GBTI (Gautam Buddha Technical Institute), with its glorious infrastructure is greatly admired, it creates a perfect atmosphere for academic drive. One has to step into the lush green environs of GBTI (Gautam Buddha Technical Institute) to live the serenity, warmth of life and pulse of youth. GBTI (Gautam Buddha Technical Institute) has awarded so many time No. 1 College for Technical education and it is my pleasure to express the achievements made by GBTI (Gautam Buddha Technical Institute) is really commendable and praiseworthy. It is a upstanding proof of the continuous hard work and resolve of GBTI (Gautam Buddha Technical Institute) entire team and I do hope that they would continue their efforts to bring GBTI (Gautam Buddha Technical Institute) to national and international fame. I firmly believe that GBTI (Gautam Buddha Technical Institute) should be a vibrant Knowledge Center for our youths. It is the ultimate platform to help flourish the multi-dimensional talents of the students through different academic and co-curricular activities. GBTI (Gautam Buddha Technical Institute) should provide the quality education which is rich in values and modern in content. Being the Managing Director of GBTI (Gautam Buddha Technical Institute), I would again like to ensure focus on integration, expansion and diversification, with the following key thrust areas : • To make GBTI (Gautam Buddha Technical Institute) responsive to ever changing societal needs;
• Strengthen GBTI (Gautam Buddha Technical Institute) on the National and Global Map of education and research;
• New methods and teaching aids which will contribute more to the society.
• Teaching enhancement program for teachers to adopt new methods and teaching aids;

I invite you to take this journey towards excellence with us at GBTI (Gautam Buddha Technical Institute) and convey you my best wishes for a rewarding career.

Abrar Ahmad

Managing Director









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